Get Your Home Ready for Spring!

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Are you ready for warm weather as we head into spring?  


Do you still love the color of your home, or is it time for an update? 


Getting the exterior of your home touched up with a fresh coat of paint should be added to your spring-cleaning to-do list! 


Why You Should Paint Your Home in Spring 


It’s best to paint the exterior of your home when the temperature is above 50 degrees. If the temperature is too hot or too cold,  paint can dry unevenly. That negatively affects the finish, so waiting for moderate spring temperatures is better for exterior painting.


How to Prepare Your Home for Painting

  • Remove Contaminants
  • Pressure Wash Walls
  • Repair Damaged Surfaces
  • Remove Loose Paint 
  • Caulk Trim
  • Prime Before Painting 
  • Protect Doors, Windows, and Lights 
  • Paint Walls before Trim and Doors 


Get Your Home Spring Ready with Exterior Painters in Ann Arbor 


Are you ready to give your home a brand-new feel? 


If you aren’t comfortable painting your home, working with experienced exterior painters in Ann Arbor ensures your house will look its best. Don’t risk taking on too much on your own, contact us for professional work at 734-995-2646 and take advantage of our free estimate! 



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