When is it Time to Repaint? Top Tips from House Painters in Ann Arbor!

Springtime is often when homeowners start thinking about projects—after a long winter hibernation, you emerge from your den and notice your siding is looking a little shabby!

There are general guidelines for how often you should paint your home, but you might not know when your house was last painted, especially if you recently bought it.

If you’re unsure about when to paint your house, check out these tips from our house painters for your Ann Arbor home!

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Change of Color

The first instance is easy enough—it might be time to repaint your home if you’re ready for a change! Maybe the last color you picked was a fad and it’s starting to look a little outdated. Or maybe you’re just ready for a new look! Repainting your home for aesthetic reasons is very common. When you decide on a new color keep your surroundings in mind as well as the other neighborhood houses and the style of your house.

Fading Paint

In addition to looking nice, your paint is your house’s first line of protection against the elements. But those years of standing up to the heat, sun, rain, and wind take a toll eventually. Faded paint doesn’t just look bad—it’s also not protecting your home like it should. Repainting a faded house will not only provide a much-needed makeover, but also protect your home from weather damage.

Flaws in Your Paint

Some of your paint will eventually peel, crack, or bubble. If the problem isn’t fixed, wood can begin to rot or mold. This is why flaws like peels, cracks and bubbles have to be fixed immediately to prevent more expensive damage in the future! If you notice these flaws, we recommend not just painting over the affected area but giving the whole exterior of your home a fresh coat.

Mold and Stains

Often, mold can be cleaned off, either with a power-washer or the old-fashioned way. Painting over mold and stains can also be a viable option in some cases. But when the damage is deep or extensive, your best bet will be repainting your exterior. This way, you guarantee the best possible protection for your home!

Professional House Painters in Ann Arbor

If this list has you wondering when the last time your house was painted, it might be time to give us a call!

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