Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint Color

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Are you having trouble finding the perfect color for your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom?

Are you going for a more modern look?

Are you looking for something trendy?

Here are a few tips to choose the perfect paint color for your home:

  1. Try samples
  2. View swatches in natural light
  3. Live with the colors
  4. Customize colors by adding more white or black to make an existing color lighter or darker
  5. Color your ceiling

According to HGTV, “With so many options to choose from, nailing down just the right hue can be tough. To make the selection process easier, it's smart to test out several paint colors along one wall and live with them for a few days, noting how they look both day and night. Label the painted swatches with painter's tape so you'll remember which color you liked best.”

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