5 Painting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of DIY season? Tackling a project involving a coat or two of paint? Are you a rookie painter looking for tips to avoid common painting mistakes? 


Painting a piece of furniture, a room, or the exterior of your house can make a big impact, but it’s almost always a bigger job than you think! Without the right techniques and a few tips, the impact you make can a big “oh, no!” 


To get the most out of your time and effort, read up on 5 common painting mistakes and how to avoid them, courtesy of your local painters in Ann Arbor at Mussio Painting.


1. Prep! 


It’s easy to be overconfident and think you don’t need all that fancy prep work, but you’re bound to slip up a couple times and get paint where it’s not supposed to be. Correcting these mistakes isn’t always easy, so it’s better not to make them!


Prep your paint job by protecting anything and everything you don’t want paint on. Remove or cover knobs and pulls, cover the floors and windows, remove switch and outlet covers, and tape along baseboards and other trim. There’s a reason a painter spends most of their time on prep!


2. Alternative painters tape. 


Painters tape may feel a lot like masking tape, but if you don’t go with the real stuff, you’re likely to regret it! Masking tape is less likely to stay in place and prevent bleeding, which defeats the purpose of taping. 


Avoid issues by using painters tape to get clean lines. Make the tape even more effective by sealing the edges with your paint brush and paint. 


3. Paint deficiency. 


Nothing ruins your momentum like running out of paint! You’re tired, you’re almost done, oops: looks like someone has to make a quick trip to the paint store. Not only does running out of supplies kill the mood, but the mix might be slightly different on two separate trips. 


Avoid the issue by buying enough paint, and maybe a little extra, the first time. One gallon should cover about 400 square feet. Be sure to leave a little room for slipups and touchups down the road.


4. Burnout.


You barely had the energy to finish getting the paint on the walls, so you decide to leave the cleanup for tomorrow… Whoop, whoop, red alert! That’s a mistake! By not cleaning up you’re risking losing your materials and damaging the work you’ve done. 


Avoid a bigger hassle and leave some fuel in the tank for cleanup. Your brushes, rollers, and extra paint will last if you clean them promptly. Address any little painting hiccups with a warm, wet rag. And remove painters tape before the paint is dry for best results.


5. Bad hue. 


What could be worse than doing all that work only to regret your color choice! Colors will look different under different lighting, at different times of day, and against different colors of furniture. Selecting a color from a paint chip and buying immediately could be a big mistake. 


To avoid color catastrophe, pick a color or two you think you’ll like, get a sample, and bring it home to try. Make sure you look at the color on the wall under natural and artificial light, at different times of day, and with the furniture you plan to have in the room if possible. 


Bonus Tip! Leave it to professional local painters in Ann Arbor!


It can be exciting to take on and complete a home improvement project. It can also be overwhelming. Attempting too much without professional help can really cost you in the end. 


Avoid the headache and call local painters in Ann Arbor at Mussio Painting for projects big and small. We treat every home as our own and guarantee your satisfaction with our work. Give us a call today to discuss your project!


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