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Ann Arbor Interior Painting

Are you looking to add value to your home?

Are you hoping to make your home more appealing before selling?

A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference!

Your friendly local Ann Arbor interior painting company wants to ensure you get the most for your money. Because we’re in the service business, gaining your trust is extremely important. We’re known for two things: customer service and communication. Creating and maintaining business relationships are extremely important because they create comfort and confidence for YOU, the customer.

There are a few things you may want to consider when you paint your home’s interior, including:

1.    Patch and sand holes before you start
2.    Wash the walls before painting
3.    Protect areas you don’t want to paint
4.    If necessary, use a primer
5.    Pick the right finish

To see our portfolio of interior painting jobs visit our interior painting gallery.

If You Want Great Results, Ann Arbor, Interior Painting is Best Left to the Experts!

If you don’t have the time or the ability to take on the task of painting the interior of your home, we have a team of highly trained professionals. Our current crew has worked together for 17 years. Our work ethic is second to none!

Call us today at (734) 995-2646 to arrange an appointment with Steve Mussio. He will personally meet you on your property to discuss your project needs, expectations, and concerns, and give any suggestions at your request. He will also explain the project preparation, painting/staining options, and if necessary, any carpentry (wood replacement), along with answering any of your other questions before you receive a detailed bid. We treat every home as if it were our own. That’s how much we care!


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